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Experiments and Enemies: The Research Hall and Its Monstrous Inhabitants in Bloodborne

Mon Dec 4 , 2023
Bloodborne’s Research Hall When Bloodborne came out in 2015, it was a massively successful game that received overwhelming praise from its fans. FromSoftware later released a DLC called The Old Hunters which added even more content to the already rich game. One of the areas in The Old Hunters is the Research Hall. This area […]

Reconnect With David V. Montgomery

David V. Montgomery is a name that resonates throughout the academic world, known for his groundbreaking research and innovative contributions to multiple fields of study. With a career spanning several decades, Montgomery has firmly established himself as a leading figure in the realms of geology, environmental science, and soil conservation. His work has not only transformed our understanding of the natural world but has also inspired countless individuals to join the quest for a more sustainable and resilient planet.